Saturday, 24 September 2011

Limited Edition Restored Polaroid SX-70

These are likely to sell out in no time, but if you’re in the market for a beautiful old Polaroid camera, then Photojojo has managed to round up a small batch of SX-70s and will let you have one for $290.
The SX-70 was “The original, wondrous, never-to-be-topped SX-70. The first folding SLR, the first camera to take integral instant film, only made up until 1977.” Photojojo acquired them through Hong Kong-based MINT, who presumably constructed a time machine to go back and pick these up, and then restored them so they’re as good as new.
The specs of this metal-and-vinyl piece of art as as bad as you’d expect of a camera from the dark days of the 1970s: the fixed 116mm lens starts at a squint-inducing ƒ8, and the fastest shutter speed is 1-175th/sec — you won’t be shooting action or low-light photos with this camera.

But then, this is a camera that never needed to be fast: you could have spent a day taking a shot and you’d still have it back faster than the schmucks who had to get their films processed at the local drugstore.
And thanks to the Impossible Project, there is still film available for the camera, at $22 for ten frames.
No, it’s not cheap, but the SX-70 is a piece of history, and also a beautifully made artifact the like of which we never see today.

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