Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kodak Playsport Zx5


With Playsport Zx5, Kodak has been built on Zx3 very well, and add standards-compliant dust and shock inspection. The result is the camcorder ready for a variety of outdoor activities are more widespread. Specifications and performance are very similar otherwise. Thus, although the new model is slightly more expensive, so the value slightly worse overall, it's a better choice if you want cheap pocket camcorder is able to resist the elements and a bit of rough treatment.

Kodak brings waterproof Full HD video shooting with the new low prices with a Playsport Zx3. But while this model looks very rough, Kodak does not guarantee its ability to withstand rough treatment. Enter Zx5; rated dustproof and shockproof and waterproof.Rating dust IP6X meet IEC 60529, and examination of shock with MIL-STD-810F, which means that Zx5 can withstand

falls from a height of 1.5m. Waterproofing specifications unchanged, with a maximum depth of Kodak still quoting 3m, although this is now declared to be in accordance with standard IEC 60529 IPX8.

Inside, Zx5 has a slightly different specification with previous versions. Both combine 5MPixel sensors, but CMOS Zx5 1/3.2in one is slightly smaller version, in which Zx3 is 1/2.5in. This has implications for low-light sensitivity, and Kodak did not mention the back side illumination technology to compensate. The same range of recording modes are offered. Choice of Full HD 1080p is captured at 30 frames / sec, but you also can grab 720p at 30 or 60 frames / sec, and WVGA at 30 frames / sec. The latter is a widescreen version of the VGA, with resolution of 848 x 480 pixels. You can take still images at 5.3Mpixels well.

Zx5 it does come with 128MB memory on board, but the biggest part of this has been destined for a built-in software (which more later), leaving a miserly 20MB for video - enough only to check the camcorder to work. So, you will need to call on an SD memory card slot. It only supports SDHC, not the latest SDXC format.So the capacity maxes out at 32GB. It will be enough for about 13 hours of recording in 1080p quality settings above.


  1. Wow....do you have any idea about the price? How about the megapixels of video taping? Haven't mentioned in.... well, the design is soooo cool. yup, suitable for casual use. wish to buy one, but the price must be a burden..haha.