Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Play Atari’s Greatest Hits on your iPad with Atari Arcade

Gaming on the iPad can be wildly entertaining and isgrowing in popularity at a massive rate.  That said there are some limitations to iPad gaming, specifically, the controls are limited to screen taps or movements of the device.  Atari Arcade is a new iPad accessory aiming to add some retro-style fun to playing games on Apple’s tablet.  

Atari’s accessory works only with Atari’s Greatest Hits app, offering classic titles including: Asteroids, Centipede, Pong and others. For only $14.99 one can buy all 99 games in the pack instead of spending $.99 for individual games.   A great number of the games in the Greatest Hits app stand the test of time, proving to be as enjoyable now as they were in their heyday.
Although one can play the Greatest Hits games without the Atari Arcade dock, many will find the experience more rewarding and authentic with the retro-style joystick and big buttons.
The accessory is super neat and adds more fun to playing classic Atari games on the iPad.  The only downside, at this point, is that it’s not compatible with games other than those of Atari’s Greatest Hits app. Rudimentary joystick support for some of the more complicated games would be a welcome addition.

The iPad arcade will be available at Target, Toys-R-Us and Walmart stores in October for $60.

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