Thursday, 13 October 2011

Antworks TVQuarium

Edition of the original Space-Age Habitat AntWorks Ant-based gel ant habitatchange to an item such as an aquarium. TVQuarium is basically an ant habitatwith television-style polymer cage clear that ant farm makes you look evenslimmer and more stylish. It is like an aquarium for ants, especially with theIlluminator that can be attached to this addition. It is slightly misleading becausethe product image appears to be illuminated. Clear blue LED lights add a lot to the item, and make it even more chic look, but they are sold separately.

Cool frame adds a lot to look attractive habitat for this ant, and is a unique pieceof decor for your office or home. TVQuarium edition emphasizes the world of small creatures, made ​​possible through the gel that fills the nutritional habitattranslucent. The product is the result of the 2003 Space Shuttle NASA experimentthat tested the life of ants in microgravity. With the help of these amazing gel, antsare able to receive necessary nutrients and survive, despite the rough conditions.Habitat types of ants make ant care easier and cheaper than normally is. No needto feed or water the ants, and the gel allows the ants to create a tunnel that lookseven more

 remarkable, especially when lit. This is something that is not possible.

Contents Ant Farm The Antworks TVQuarium kit including nutrient gel filled ant habitat, black TV Picture frames, magnifying glass, extreme zoom lens, ant capture tool / tunnel starter, an instruction book, and an AC adapter. Kit does not include ants.
Ant You can catch your own ants with ant catcher tool is included with the kit, or you can send to their own. Kit does not come with a coupon for free ants as did another ant habitat kit. You can order from a number of different companies that sell specialized for ant habitat TVQuarium AntWorks ant like this. The best way is to send for ants during the warmer months. It is not uncommon for some of the ants came to an end. If you catch the ants, make sure to wear gloves because they can bite or sting. Never combine the ants ant ordered by you has been arrested, or ants from two separate colonies for this. Their instinct is to kill one another. Before placing the ants to the ant habitat, you must put them in the refrigerator for about ten to fifteen minutes in order to slow them down and make transfers easier.

Lifespan With a queen ant around, ants can live for a year. However, when they are not in their natural habitat and they do not have a queen ant, the ant will last between several weeks and several months. Some may end immediately, while others may live much longer. Sell ​​and buy a queen ant is illegal, but you can try and catch one on your own although it will not be easy. Nevertheless, a few months that the ants ants survive in their habitat enough time for them to dig a series of intricate series of tunnels that will blow your mind.

Ant Treatments Not much for you to do once you have introduced your small pets to their gel ant habitat. This is because the nutrient gel does everything for you. You do not have to feed or water them. Just make sure they are not under direct sunlight and the temperature maintained between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to remove ant ends immediately so that the fungus is not formed in the gel.

Recommended Age The AntWorks TVQuarium intended for children ages eight and up. This is a wonderful item for children who are older as well and makes a wonderful gift. It's also a great way to brighten up the ant habitat which is used in the classroom.

Size: 8" Tall X 6¾" Wide

Brand: Fascinations

Price: $34.95

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