Friday, 14 October 2011

Toshiba Canvio Hard Drives

Toshiba is ready to use the latest technologies Cloud. Multi-national companieswill now add a backup feature Canvio cloud to drive them hard.

Canvio Hard Drives
They also introduced the gadget Canvio hard drive to a computer that supportsUSB 3.0 delivers transfer speeds up to 6Gbps compared with only USB 2.0 whichprovides 480 Mbps.

Canvio hard drives available in 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB.Hard drives also come with a user interface to help customers access the cloudfor storage. After cable customers in the hard drive Canvio they will get the optionto create an account with EZ BackupNow run by Microsoft Azure. After creating the account user can select the file he / she wants to store in the cloud.

Get Free Trial

This service is not free. A free 30-day period will be given to all owners of Canviobut after the payment will be required to store the data in the cloud. The Canvioalso be used as a bootable drive in case the computer crashes. Canvio protected from the daily movement when placed in a pocket, purse or desk. Canvio 3.0costs $ 89.99 for 500GB and $ 139.00 for the 1TB model.

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