Friday, 21 October 2011

FUJITSU Scan Snap s1100

The ScanSnap S1100 takes about eight seconds to scan a page to PDF searchable, slightly faster than the S1300. This unit has one button on it which immediately starts the scan and then open the ScanSnap Manager, where you can choose to scan to e-mail, to folders, for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document. You can also scan directly to the cloud if you use Google Docs. CardMinder the included software, allows scans business cards directly into CSV or other export format, which makes maintaining the smartphone address book now. Character recognition is very good, with an option to recognize a language other than English is easy to configure, which is a real advantage if you have dozens of international cards that need to be reformatted after scanning. - Even complicated cards with multiple colors and images come through (almost) perfect.

I do not see any problem enough with the results of the scan, and I was impressed by a few

small features. For example, after scanning the small tear-off of airline boarding pass that I put into the scanner at an angle of 45 degrees, the resulting scans have deskewed images that appear perfectly square. This is particularly welcome because there is no moving the paper guides, paper and scanner takes a bit aggressive when you start eating, so it will be quite difficult to get a perfect scan if the software did not help.

With a small scanner, you may find it tricky if you have a lot of paper to scan, because you have to do one at a time (although you can quickly scan both sides of a sheet with the S1100). And while it's very portable, it does not come with a carrying case (you can buy one separately). Given that this is intended to be portable, I was somewhat disappointed that the case was not included.

However, the size, speed, and quality of ScanSnap S1100 makes a very good value if you only have occasional need for a scanner or need to use one to scan receipts and documents on the road.

Price Range  :   $186.00 - $212.00