Monday, 17 October 2011

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM

Canon L lens range (L stands for Luxury) is the culmination of Canon's lens designand each bursts with innovative technologies such as lens element fluorite, Super UDglass, image stabilization and Ultra Sonic Motor. Standard 70-300mm IS lens has a zoom lens is undoubtedly the most popular they have been produced with image stabilization, making it a bit surprising that they were taken so long to produce aversion of the L. This is the L-series lens featuring compact telezoom optical imagestabilization, two ultra-low dispersion elements and Canon's Super Spectra coatings.An eight-blade circular diaprhragm offers excellent bokeh, while AF is fast and quietthanks to a ring type ultrasonic motor.

At first glance, it looks as though Canon has a lens 70-300mm just take the standardand stuck 5cm thick layer of white plastic around it. But as the series L, there is muchmore than that.The zoom ring does not have crawled so no need for locking switchlike what you would find on the version of 70-300mm DO even though it's still there.Zoom action is also much smoother and not susceptible to jittering when fine tuning.And switch AF, 70-300mm L lens also has a stabilizer on / off and displays twodifferent modes for panning (mode 2) and normal (mode 1) job.

In more than akilogram, the series L is the heaviest of the three 70-300mm lens in the Canon range.However, although it is quite heavy, this is a lens that will generally be attached to thebody of a semi-pro and pro and weight that will be offset. In fact, attached to the EOS5D MKII, the lens is nicely balanced against most of the magnesium alloy camerabody.

lowest price : $1,494.00


  1. very cool but more expensive :(

  2. This is a very nice telephoto lens

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